What films can I submit to Musicbed Film Fest?

Only films with Musicbed scores licensed from musicbed.com will be eligible for entry into Musicbed Film Fest. Additionally, the music used must be available for licensing on musicbed.com at the time of submission.

I submitted but don’t see my film online. What’s going on?

Once your film has successfully been submitted, you will be notified via email. This confirms that we did indeed receive your submission.
Once our team has reviewed your submission, you will again be notified as to whether or not your submission has been accepted per the rules of the contest.

What kind of license will cover my submission to Musicbed Film Fest?

Any license purchased on musicbed.com covering your original use of the music will also cover your submission to Musicbed FilmFest.

I purchased a license for a song on musicbed.com, but the song isn’t available anymore. Can I still submit my film?

Unfortunately we can only accept submissions that feature tracks currently represented by Musicbed and available for licensing on musicbed.com.

Can I submit a film that I didn’t make?

Nope, that’s what plagiarists do. You must have created the film in order to submit it.

I’m a musician represented by Musicbed and there’s an awesome film featuring my music. Can I submit it?

If you’re a musician represented by Musicbed and you’d like for a film using your music to be submitted, we encourage you to reach out to the filmmaker who created the film and encourage them to submit.
Winners in the Documentary, Narrative, Foreign Language, Animation, and Commercial categories will be the filmmakers who created the winning films and not the musicians whose music was used.
Regarding the Grand Jury Prize winner of the Music Video category, the filmmaker will be entitled to all predetermined prizes and both the filmmaker and artist will win a trip to the awards ceremony.

I make wedding films. Can I submit?

Yes! Submit your film under the Documentary category.

How will the Grand Jury Prize winners be chosen?

Our panel of judges will choose the Grand Jury Prize winners. Meet our judges

How long is the submission period?

The submission period begins July 27, 2015 and ends August 21, 2015.

Can I edit my submission?

You can edit your submission by following the edit link provided in your confirmation email.

Do you have to be in the US to enter and/or win?

No way! Regardless of location, you’re eligible to enter and win.

Is there a time period or “expiration” date placed on the prizes?

To ensure that you get your prizes, be sure claim them within 48 hours of being notified that you won.

Why was my entry declined?

For a detailed report on why your film was not accepted to Musicbed Film Fest, contact our Client Services Team at support@musicbed.com

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Film Fest voting has officially closed.

Winners will be announced soon.

Film Fest voting has officially closed.

Winners will be announced soon.