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With more than 60,000+ votes and 1,900+ submissions from dozens of countries, the 2015 Musicbed Film Fest was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who joined the party and participated!

The 2015

Musicbed Film Fest

Musicbed Film Fest is a celebration of the films made possible through the powerful relationship of sound and picture. From the first time indie filmmaker to the most influential brands in the world, we want to award the best of the best films featuring Musicbed scores — honoring the landmark work that’s been made and encouraging creatives to continue making impactful films, telling better stories, and changing the hearts of people.

2015 Judge's Choice Winners


A nonfictional film intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or historical record.

Comic Book Heaven

E.J. McLeavey-Fisher

Comic Book Heaven is a short documentary that tells the story of Joe Leisner, owner of the comic book store Comic Book Heaven located in Sunnyside, Queens NY.

Narrative Short

A film that tells a fictional or nonfictional story, event or narrative presented in an intentionally stylized way.

Real Gone

Seth Worley

After a brief glimpse into the great beyond, Elwood Holler can't give up on life. No matter how hard he tries.

In 2015, I was invited to direct a short film as part of Film Riot's Epic Summer, alongside shorts by Film Riot's Ryan Connolly and Video Copilot's Andrew Kramer. Film Riot devoted a month of programming for each film, starting with the release of the film followed by new behind-the-scenes content every week.


Any promotional film made for a company, brand, product, etc.

The Encounter Collection

Process Creative | Process Creative

The Encounter Collection by Stephen Kenn explores the significant act of passing an object on from one generation to the next. It is in this exchange, accompanied by words of wisdom, that a boy is often called to a life of courage. While aware that everyone's life experience is unique, and often painful, this film focuses on the experience of a boy losing his father and yet retaining the love and passion that was intended for him.


A film predominantly featuring sequences of drawings, paintings, or digital illustrations.

Banna Kaun Hai (Who is a Banna?)

Mark Miller | i55 Media Pvt Ltd

This is a short using vox populi and animated characters to describe who Bannas are--the male members of an Asian Indian ethnicity known as Rajputs.

Foreign Language

Any commercial, documentary, narrative, animation, or music video film in a language other than English.

A Reflection

Tyler Ginter | Variable

This mini-doc shares the story of Władysław Tomczyk, a gentleman we unexpectedly met in Katowice, Poland after wrapping a month-long commercial project throughout Europe. His hopeful message of creating life-work by honing one's natural ability is one we value to the core at Variable. What began as an insightful conversation, motivated us to extend our trip by 3 days so we could capture this inspiring man's life.

With no pre-developed story or shot-list, we let our curiosity & conversations with Wladyslaw guide the film. As a result, his outlook on life furthered our belief that contentment through self-acceptance trumps societal approval.

Free your mind.

Music Video

A film offering visual interpretation or an accompanying story to a recorded song. All music video submissions must be official music videos for artists represented on Musicbed.

Air Review - Young.

Joseba Elorza

Music video for Dallas based band "Air Review". airreview.net
Photoshop and After Effects.

Awards Party

October 2015

Our celebration of beautiful films and transformative music is never over, but we commemorated the close of Musicbed's 2015 Film Fest with an evening to remember. We pulled out all the stops, brought in all the festival judges, Judges Choice winners and our closest friends to eat, drink and gather — all in the name of great film and great music.

The Judges

Kevin Brady

Executive Creative Director for Droga5, voted Cannes Lions’ independent agency of the year in 2015. Kevin has served as ECD for 17 years, and his work for clients that include Milk, Honey Maid, Puma and Newcastle has won over 40 awards.

Sam Morrill

Sam Morrill has worn many hats at Vimeo since joining the company in 2009. From customer support, to curating Vimeo Staff Picks, to content acquisitions for Vimeo On Demand, Sam has experienced Vimeo’s growth and evolution from a variety of different angles. His recent obsessions include: tacos al pastor, Donny Hathaway’s live recordings, and finding new ways for filmmakers to build self-sustaining careers on Vimeo. Sam is a graduate of Middlebury College and currently resides in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

Andy Baker

SVP/Group Creative Director for the National Geographic Channels. Andy started in the industry in 1994 as a photographer / editor / writer for NBC, ABC and FOX, before moving to NatGeo in 2000. Since then, he has helped launch thousands of tune-in and brand campaigns for the Channels over the past 12 years.

Ryan Connolly

Writer, Director, and Founder of the popular internet television shows Film Riot and Film State.

Mia Bruno

Producer of Distribution for Seed&Spark – A crowdfunding, direct to consumer platform that’s currently disrupting the more traditional, entrenched film distribution models.

Shane Hurlbut

American cinematographer (ASC) best known for his work in The Rat Pack, The Guardian, Need for Speed, We Are Marshall, Into The Blue, The Greatest Game Ever Played and dozens more Hollywood films. He is the youngest person to ever be nominated for an ASC Award and is currently working on AMC’s new series Into The Badlands.

Russell Ziecker

Head of Television Music at LIONSGATE – Russell currently heads up television music at Lionsgate, overseeing music for Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning Mad Men, Nurse Jackie, and Orange is the New Black, Anger Management, Nashville, Manhattan, Ascension, The Royals, Deadbeat, and the retired series Weeds, Houdini, Crash and Boss. Russell has been involved in 35+ series and nearly 600 singular episodes of television.

Claudette Godfrey

SXSW Short Film Programmer - Currently she is responsible for the curation of the 10 short film programs the festival screens each year, overseeing film submissions to the festival, and managing the organizational big picture for the event. A University of Texas Film graduate, Claudette previously worked as a Corporate Relations Coordinator at the CineVegas Film Festival and served as a Shorts Programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest from 2010-2012.

Daniel McCarthy

Founder/CEO of Musicbed. With a diverse background in filmmaking, marketing, design, and music — Daniel has developed one of the world’s leading sites for licensing relevant music to filmmakers online.

Dilcia Barrera

Dilcia Barrera is a Shorts Programmer for the Sundance Film Festival. She also programs film events for Film Independent at LACMA, and has served as a programmer at festivals such as AFI FEST, the Los Angeles Film Festival, and the Philadelphia Film Festival. A Los Angeles native, Dilcia has a Spanish/Portuguese Literature degree from UCLA.

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Film Fest voting has officially closed.

Winners will be announced soon.

Film Fest voting has officially closed.

Winners will be announced soon.